India is the 6th largest energy consumer accounting for 3.4% of global energy consumption. Due to India’s economic growth, the demand for energy has grown at an average of 3.6% per annum over the past 30 years. At the end of December 2012, the installed power generation capacity of India stood at 210951.72 MW, while the per capita energy consumption stood at 733.54 KWh (2008-09), though it has increased upto 1,010 units per capita in 2015. The total demand for electricity in India is expected to cross 9,50,000 MW by 2030. India has historically failed to meet its power sector targets by a significant margin and with tremendous opportunities ahead, the power sector continues to be affected by the shortfall both on generation as well as transmission line. It resulted in massive addition plans being proposed in the sub-sectors of Transmission and Distribution.

Current Transmission capacity is only 23% of the total generation capacity in India, which plans additional 70,000 circuit km of Transmission network by 2017. State Authorities, who control almost 60% of transmission system in India, are continuously investing in transmission infrastructure, giving ample opportunities for growth, which is bringing a huge investment over a 5-year horizon.

State-of-Art Infrastructure
Fully Equipped CNC Machines
In-house Designers

MSPL is selectively tapping these opportunities to enlarge its presence in transmission EPC segment. Presently, the company is spreading its Transmission line network in the various states i.e. Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, etc.

MSPL is currently executing 132KV, 220KV and 400 KV transmission lines for various State Electricity Board.