Chairman's Message

Kishore Rungta CHAIRMAN

India is on its way to become a superpower in the coming years.

In its traverse, India requires a reliable and sturdy infrastructure base. Power generation and supply is a key aspect of the infrastructure support. A robust and efficient transmission and distribution system is critical for the evacuation of power from generating stations to load centres. Corporate India, realising its importance, has placed power sector projects on fast track.

MĀN Structurals Pvt. Ltd. (MSPL) has been contributing to the holistic development for over six decades by designing and manufacturing of transmission line towers, wind mill towers, communication towers, solar structures and other space structures for variety of applications.

MSPL has now diversified into manufacturing of Solar Power Plant Structures for Mega Watt, Rooftop Power Plants and other applications covering structures for Solar pumps with most modern engineering practices. MSPL has also forayed into EPC contracts. The Company has been striving for constant internal growth, accentuating the growth of the Indian economy. Every member of our team believes in moving ahead with determination and conviction of making India a superpower.