MSPL is the only continuously-in-operation company for more than 6 decades, since 1960 in this sector.

  • First to manufacture Microwave Towers in India for exports to Iran.
  • First to manufacture Narrow Base Towers for cities where land is a constraint.
  • First to manufacture Bilby Towers for Geological Survey of India.
  • First to develop Triangular Tower used in weather forecasting.
  • First to develop high mask Triangular Tower to block electro-magnetic during war time.
  • First to supply all four types of 400 KV multi-circuit towers.
  • First to design and supply 220 KV Sub-station Structures in Himachal Pradesh.
  • First to design and supply 400 KV Sub-station Structures in Rajasthan.
  • First to supply 765 KV Towers.
  • Supplied from 11 KV upto 765 KV D/C Transmission Line Towers.
  • Designed and supplied upto 400 KV Sub-station Structures.
  • Suppliers to all Central Utilities (PGCIL, NTPC, NHPC) and more than 20 State Utilities.
  • Designed and supplied more than 14 utilities overseas.
  • Supplied Railway Electrification Structures and Embarked into EPC for overhead electrification.
  • Completed more than 5000 km of Mobile Network Towers (upto 100 m height) with design, supply & erection.
  • Forayed into solar MMS and Solar Pumps.